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Outside Watering Restrictions

We remind you that the ordinance regarding outside watering in the Indian Hills General Improvement District is in effect year around. This ordinance was adopted to eliminate the wasting of water and is mandated by the State of Nevada. We also ask that you use common sense and be prudent when you do water, and practice water conservation in your entire household. Your cooperation and care in this matter is greatly appreciated and will help ensure that we will have an abundant water supply in the future.

Watering is Restricted Between
11:00 A.M. and 5:00 P.M.
  • EXEMPTIONS: Commercial gardeners or caretakers, flowers and vegetable gardens and lawns less than 30-days old.
  • WASTE OF ANY KIND: Such as allowing water to run down gutters, into the street, alley or sidewalk, is PROHIBITED AT ALL TIMES.
1st ViolationAn oral or written warning
2nd ViolationWarning by certified mail
3rd ViolationShut-off water service and a $50.00 fine


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