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About Indian Hills General Improvement District

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In early 1973, Richard Bilyeu (who owned the 40 acres North of Silverado Heights #1 - to be Silverado Heights Unit #2) and Lee Construction Company, Inc. applied to Douglas County Commissioners for two Mobile Home Subdivisions (one each on each 40 acres).  Richard Bilyeu and Lee Construction Company proposed to either put in septic tanks or jointly build a small sewer system similar to Ridgeview  #1.  The only way Douglas County would allow development of the area was if an Improvement District was created and the District built a regional sewer and water system.

On the 5th day of June 1973, the Board adopted an Ordinance numbered I-H-I “An Ordinance creating the Indian Hills General Improvement District pursuant to NRS. 318.010 et seq., proposed for paving, curbs, gutters, sidewalks, water improvements, street lighting, sewer and other basic powers for which the District was proposed, but not limited thereto; including a general description of the boundaries of said District.”  A General Improvement District was formed which included land owned by Lee Construction Company, Richard Bilyeu, Rutledge et al, Home Savings, Robert Haas and Jack Bay and Ridgeview Estates #1 and consisting of some 540 +- acres.

On September 24, 1973, the first Board of Trustees meeting was conducted.  The first five trustees were Chairman Richard Bilyeu, Robert Hass, James Lee, Jack Bay and Jack Ledyard.

The District’s first proposal was to build a treatment plant and use the Incline Village right-of-way to pipe the water to the river.  This approach proved to be too costly, as well as restrictive insofar as governmental agencies.  The District then proposed to obtain B.L.M. land located at the present sewer plant site.  For water, the District proposed to purchase the Rutledge group's well, which they had already drilled and proven.   The District also received the pump station site from B.L.M. for the pump station and for the existing lower well.  After several hearings, the District received an allocation from Water Resources of 219 million gallons per year, which at the time was enough to serve approximately 1,000 residences.

The Indian Hills General Improvement District has grown considerably since 1973.  The Board of Trustees continues to take on various problems associated with growth.  They are dedicated on moving forward to accomplish goals and objectives established by the community to provide the best possible utility service (sewer and water), streets and parks and open space maintenance and any other special needs of the community in order to make Indian Hills the best place to live in Douglas County.

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