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Water & Sewer FAQs

Belwo are some common questions asked by our residents. We hope the links provided prove to be helpful. 

Should you have any other questions or concerns please call the office at (775) 267-2805 or the Hobo Water Plant at (775) 267-9860.

Here is a helpful link for the do-it-yourselfers: 

Of course if you are not comfortable with doing this yourself, call a plumber.

How does the district measure water quality? 

The District takes six monthly bacteriological (Bac-T) samples as required by the NDEP Bureau of Safe Drinking Water. The number and location of these Bac-T samples are determined by the population served and the particular aspects of the District water distrubution system. All sample locations are approved by the NDEP. Other sampling for water quality of our wells is performed on a monthly, quarterly, annually or tri-annual basis as required by the NDEP.

If you wish to contact NDEP you may use this link or you may call them at
(775) 687-9516.

Think you may have a leak? Want to check for yourself. 

Here are several links which may be helpful.  or 

What can I do about restricted water flow? 

Try cleaning out the screens on your faucets first, especially if the flow problems are isolated to one or two fixtures and not common throughout the house. Check under the sink and make sure the supply line valves are all the way turned on. Check to see if the house valve is turned all the way on. This could be the cause if plumbing work was done recently or if the irrigation system was recently turned on or off. Many homes in the District are equipped with Pressure Reducing Valves (PRV). These mechanical, adjustable, direct acting valves are most often installed on the incoming water supply line under the house prior to any fixture supply lines. The PRV reduces the incoming water pressure by utilizing a spring loaded diaphragm which can be manually adjusted via a screw or nut mounted on the top of the bonnet of the valve. Re-build kits are available from plumbing supply companies if adjusting the operating screw does not work.

If you do not feel comfortable doing the work yourself, call a plumber.

Fixtures or Shower heads plugging up? 

Since going on Minden water we have heard from several residents that their shower heads are plugging up frequently with debris. At the present time we have no conclusive evidence as to the cause, but it seems to be related to the use of the hot water and the fact that it doesn't take much debris to clog up a restricted flow shower head. Perhaps the change of water chemistry is causing calcium buildup in the water heater to dislodge and plug up the shower head. If you wish to flush out your water heater yourself, here are some helpful links: or
If you are not comfortable doing this yourself, call a plumber.

Are you having problems with your water heater spitting out water? Are you noticing high pressure in your house plumbing? 

The water meters in the District are equipped with check valves. This means that all residential water connections are CLOSED systems. Which means that water from the residence will not travel back into the water mains, the water will only flow into the residence. When water is heated, it will EXPAND, causing higher pressure in your water heater. This is called THERMAL EXPANSION and can be very damaging to your water heater and home plumbing fixtures. SInce the residential water system is CLOSED, the pressure has nowhere to escape to and will continue to build up until it opens the P & T Valve, dumping water onto your garage floor or wherever the drain line may empty to. This problem can be fixed economically with the installation of an EXPANSION TANK.


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