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We Are Receiving Minden Water

As of Monday October 3, 2011 we are receiving water through the new pipeline coming from the Town of Minden/ Douglas County and tying into IHGID. Water is flowing from the Town of Minden. After one week we expect we will totally be off of Browns Well water as our current water storage is replaced with Minden water. We will be pumping approximately 1400 gallons per minute from Minden with an arsenic level of approximately 0.008 mg/l. The federal standard for arsenic is 0.010mg/l.

We will pump approximately 250-350 million gallons of water annually from Minden. We will average 900,000 gallons per day based on being able to take some water from our existing wells that are good water producers and blending with Minden water.

This is a project that has been in development since before 2008 in an effort to deliver better quality water to our customers.

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